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Veterinarian in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Our veterinary clinic in Murfreesboro, Tennessee provides convenient services for pet owners in town. We make it easy for you to get the pet care you need. Schedule your visit today.

Convenient pet care

In addition to understanding your busy schedule and making it convenient for you to come in, we also ensure that you can get pet care, even on a limited budget. One of the ways we keep our prices low is by not performing surgeries in-house. In the rare instance that your pet needs surgery, we have nearby partner practices where we can quickly schedule your procedure. By not offering surgeries, we don’t need as much equipment – which means we can pass those savings on to you. In addition, we price check every local veterinary practice to make sure we’re offering you the best rate & packages.

Ask about our wellness plans that can save you a bundle!

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Convenient Veterinary Care in Murfreesboro, TN

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Our easyvet Murfreesboro veterinary clinic offers a wide range of pet care services to help sick pets get better and preventive care to ensure a long, healthy life. Whether you need to get your dog or cat up-to-date on vaccinations, protect them from fleas and ticks, or obtain veterinary services when they are not feeling well, our friendly team is here to help whether you book an appointment or walk in.

Don’t forget to ask about our wellness plans that can save you a bundle!

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About easyvet clinic

We created easyvet clinic for the sole purpose of making basic veterinary care convenient. We wanted pet care that offered quality treatment on a convenient, walk in basis. We can accomplish this because we do not offer the more expensive services found in full-service hospitals, like surgery, hospitalization, and radiology (we have relationships with other veterinary hospitals if your pet should need such services). Even without offering surgery in-house, we can treat over 95% of the issues your pets experience. By focusing on standard, routine services and products, we save on expenses and pass these savings directly to you.

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