easyvetclinic’s 1st Franchisee Celebrates One Year of Success

After a year of helping pets and people alike in Murfreesboro, easyvetclinic is ready to celebrate their successes. With the convenience of a walk-in veterinary clinic, residents here in Tennessee have seen how easy it is to keep their dogs and cats healthy without breaking the bank. Even better, the franchise has been a breath of fresh air for overworked and stressed out veterinarians.

“People absolutely love the walk-in concept and we are honored to be able to provide this service to busy, working class people like ourselves,” says Dr. Angie Hawkins, franchisee and veterinarian at the easyvet Murfreesboro location. “It’s allowed us to be able to fulfill our dream of owning a vet clinic while still being able to raise our family. The hours are not only convenient for the client but for us as well.”

With the convenience of drop-in hours throughout the week and weekend, the easyvet franchise has brought something unique to the community it serves: essential veterinary care for pets that’s actually affordable.

The walk-in only clinic offers what pets need to stay healthy without the extras that increase costs at full-service animal hospitals. From wellness visits and vaccinations to chronic illness screening and management for cats and dogs, easyvet has pets covered.

This easyvet location has certainly had some help along the way. The Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce was critical in getting the veterinary clinic established, supporting Dr. Angie and her team from inception all the way through to the ribbon cutting ceremony and beyond.

“I would also like to thank the City of Murfreesboro for being so welcoming to us and allowing us to be a part of the community,” says Dr. Angie. “The clinic has 1 / 2 Press Release For Order # 334709 benefitted from an overwhelmingly positive response from pet owners in the area. We have overcome several obstacles along the way but at the end of the day we are very happy with our decision to own an easyvetclinic.”

The easyvet franchise is growing, with new locations popping up across the country. This first year in Murfreesboro has shown that this model of veterinary care is not only possible but highly successful for everyone.