easyvetclinic Opens Their 5th Franchise Location

Following their success in Murfreesboro, lead by their first franchisee, Dr. Angie Hawkins, and Alpharetta, led by Dr. Christian Cumberbatch, easyvet has expanded once again with a new franchise location in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Dr. Marlene Hanzi opened her doors just last month to an amazing response from her community.

“Being able to provide quality care to pet owners here in San Tan Valley has been wonderful,” says Dr. Hanzi, a Veterinarian in San Tan Valley, of her new easyvetclinic. “We really feel like an important part of their lives, and it’s good to hear how much people love the affordable walk-in veterinary clinic model.” Those interested can visit the easyvet San Tan Valley website at :https://veterinariansantanvalleyaz.com/

When easyvetclinic first began, the goal was to fill a very real need for pet owners. With the rising costs of veterinary care, many people struggle to get their four-legged companions basic care.

The walk-in veterinary clinic model of easyvet that offers only essential medical care for pets fills that gap perfectly. Owners aren’t constantly paying for all the bells and whistles, and their pets can walk away happy and healthy with their vaccines and a clean bill of health.

Taking a furry family member to the vet has never been easier, either. Their website offers all the information one might need on which services they offer, so clients know if they’ll meet their needs. At easyvetclinic, no appointments are necessary. They do have a convenient wait list that allows patients to check in online as well as see how many people are waiting ahead of them. easyvet is bringing veterinary care into the 21st century, taking advantage of the technology that so many pet parents have right in their pockets.

At easyvetclinic, pets and their owners can expect a high quality of care as well as the confidence that an easyvet doctor will build a relationship with clients and their pet — all at a lower price than many full-service hospitals. From wellness exams and core vaccinations to minor illnesses and chronic condition management, easyvet provides the essential care that pets need. It’s perfect for busy people, families trying to keep their pets healthy on a smaller budget and owners who are simply looking for ways to cut down on their ever-rising veterinary bills. Combined with compassionate veterinary teams with a passion for pets, it’s been revolutionary for the communities that easyvet serves.

Plus, easyvet isn’t just a major step up for pet owners. A Veterinarian in San Tan Valley can enjoy an improved work-life balance in the practice like never before. Each clinic allows the veterinarian to set hours that work for them and their community. This means that they get a reliable work schedule, and their clients get the convenience of evening and weekend hours. Combined with the standardized care that they provide, easyvet allows veterinarians, owners and pets to live life to the fullest.

With more locations already in the works, easyvet is growing fast. For every clinic they open, they know that they’re offering care from a Veterinarian in San Tan Valley to so many who need it. Plus, they’re a great option for veterinarians who want to get out from under the strain of working for others or managing an expensive animal hospital.