easyvet Expands into Overland Park with the Opening of its 6th Location

easyvetclinics have been popping up across the country lately to offer affordable and convenient walk-in veterinary care for pet owners. After the amazing successes of Dr. Angie Hawkins in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Dr. Christian Cumberbatch in Alpharetta, Georgia and Dr. Marlene Hanzi in San Tan Valley, Arizona, easyvetclinic is opening their 6th brand new location in Overland Park, Kansas with Dr. Leeza Jones.

As the newest addition to the easyvet family, Dr. Leeza is looking forward to meeting you and your pets! The lease is signed and construction on her beautiful new clinic is well underway. You can also check out her location’s website here (https://veterinarianoverlandparkks.com/) for updates on her clinic’s grand opening! Dr. Leeza is excited to offer something unique in her community in Overland Park, saying that “At easyvet, we realize how important convenience and affordability are to pet owners. We are pleased to provide a new and innovative veterinary experience for both the pet and owner.”

The responses from the community have poured in at each of the easyvet locations from the moment they opened their doors. Pet owners have been grateful to find truly affordable options out there for preventive care for their little companions.

Families who couldn’t find room in their budget before are suddenly discovering that routine care for their littlest family members is finally within reach.

Dr. Hanzi of easyvetclinic San Tan Valley has said, “we really feel like an important part of their lives, and it’s good to hear how much people love the affordable walk-in veterinary clinic model.” That walk-in clinic method of pet care has been a real life-saver in more ways than one. easyvetclinic understands that not every pet owner out there is able to commit to appointments with an unpredictable schedule for work, family responsibilities and other considerations in play.

“People absolutely love the walk-in concept and we are honored to be able to provide this service to busy, working class people like ourselves,” says Dr. Angie Hawkins of easyvetclinic Murfreesboro. At easyvetclinic’s inception, the goal was to fill those very real gaps in pet care for owners. Costs are rising at many clinics around the nation, and it’s difficult for the everyday person to keep up. By offering only essential medical care, easyvetclinic allows owners to skip paying for the bells and whistles.

You can check out the easyvet website to see exactly what they offer, too. Chances are high that all your pet’s needs can be covered in one of their walk-in exams almost immediately! easyvetclinics have also embraced technology in more ways to help the busy owner, too. You can check out their waitlist and estimated wait time online and check in so you’re first in line when you arrive.

From wellness exams and core vaccinations for cats and dogs to treatments for minor illnesses and chronic condition management, easyvetclinics offer the essential care that your pet needs to stay healthy. Whether you’re a busy family or trying to work with a small budget, they’re the perfect fit. The compassionate veterinarians and pet care team at each clinic sets them apart in the communities they serve.

easyvetclinics offer more than just affordable pet care, they also provide amazing opportunities for veterinarians, too. At each location, the veterinarian clinic owner can set their own hours to best march their lives and the communities they live and work in. Since easyvet only offers essential care, there are no overnight or on-call shifts, either. This leads to fewer stressed-out vets and better care for pets.

The number of easyvetclinics is growing fast these days. The 7th location is already set for a franchisee in Frisco, Texas, and that’s just the beginning. Incoming requests for opportunities to open locations have led to easyvetclinic registering in California, Washington state, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and New York.