easyvet announces first walk-in veterinary clinic franchise model

Anyone with a pet has plenty of stories about how stressful it is to visit the vet’s office. From racing to make your appointment to a giant bill at the end, good veterinary care is often both expensive and difficult to fit into a busy schedule. And with veterinary care spending up by billions of dollars each year, this sector was ripe for innovation to improve lives of both the two- and four-legged variety.

In response to this unfilled need, easyvet emerged with the nation’s first affordable walk-in veterinary clinic franchise. The easyvet model provides the perfect balance between accessible medical care for pets with an improved worklife balance for the veterinarian franchise owners. These walk-in only clinics offer essential veterinary care without the extras that inflate costs at full-service animal hospitals. From wellness visits and vaccinations to chronic illness screening and management, easyvet can provide the essential care that pets need. This unique model of animal care allows veterinarians the ability to manage their clinic with predictable hours.

Without having to be on-call for emergencies or surgical procedures, they can offer dependable hours for clients that best fit the community they serve.

Dr. Christian Cumberbatch has fully embraced the easyvet model, investing in a franchise in Alpharetta, GA with two more locations on the way. After spending years working in different veterinary care situations, the opportunities that easyvet offered were the perfect mix of serving his community and building up what he finds the perfect business model.

“Having worked as an associate and emergency veterinarian, and having previously owned multiple clinics I was looking for a change in my career that allowed me to still manage and run my own practice but without all of the headaches and stress that goes along with it,” said Dr. Cumberbatch, Director of Medicine. Bringing his experience operating three clinics in the Greater Toronto Area, Dr. Cumberbatch was the perfect fit.

“The easyvet model is so simple and it allows me to spend more time with my family while enjoying practicing quality medicine. Their support team is top-notch and has been very responsive while not imposing any restrictive protocols. I look forward to a bright future and intend to open a few more in the not too distant future.”

Aimed at helping the overworked, the chronically busy, the family on a tight budget, and pet owners just looking for some sort of answer to their constantly rising vet bills, easyvet looked to do more than just fill a niche. The goal was to revolutionize how the industry treats clients and patients, and how it treats the veterinarians who serve those pets.

Drawn by the prospect of reliable hours and a healthy relationship with work and her clients, Dr. Marlene Hanzi is spreading the easyvet model to Arizona. She’ll soon be opening a clinic in the San Tan Valley to serve pet owners in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.