Worm in cats, Murfreesboro

The Dangers of Worms in Cats Here In Murfreesboro

Many cats will become infected with intestinal worms at some point during their lives. In fact, up to 45 percent of cats have some form of intestinal parasite. The good news is that these worms are fairly easy to treat. With quick diagnosis and proper medication, they typically do not cause long-lasting major problems. Without treatment, however, intestinal parasites can pose a serious threat to your cat’s overall health and well-being. If you often have a busy schedule or find it difficult to make vet appointments, a walk-in clinic can make the process of getting your pet tested much easier. Let’s look a little bit closer at the worms cats get here in the Murfreesboro area are particularly at risk for.

Worm in cats, Murfreesboro

The Dangers of Worms in Cats in Murfreesboro

There are three types of intestinal worms that are most common in our feline friends: Roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. Roundworms are the most prevalent type and can reach three to five feet in length. Imagine that living inside your poor house cat! The parasite eats the food your cat ingests and robs her of vital nutrients. Hookworms, on the other hand, are tiny. They are only about half an inch in length, and they attach to a cat’s intestines and feed on their blood. By the early 1900’s, nearly half of people in the Southern US were infected with hookworms similar to those found in cats, with huge effects on their well-being. These parasites are especially prevalent in this part of the country. Tapeworms are long, flat parasites that are made up of many segments that resemble grains of rice. They live in the small intestine and feed on the food your kitty eats as well.


Treating Worms in Cats

Treating worms in cats is generally simple and highly effective. The veterinarian will collect a stool sample to determine if your cat has worms and diagnose the exact type. Based on this information, they will prescribe a medication to eliminate the infection. Since worms are so common in cats, veterinarians recommend testing and treating our feline friends for them throughout their lives. Kittens are especially sensitive to the effects of worms, which can harm their tiny bodies quickly.


If you have any questions about getting your cat tested and treated for worms here in Murfreesboro, please feel free to drop on by our clinic.


Worms in cats, Murfreesboro



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