Importance of Pet Tick Prevention in Chattanooga

Are you ready to get down to the knitty gritty (and squishy) details on ticks? Most pet owners know how much of a nuisance they are, finding them on the family dog after an afternoon spent in the backyard. The truth is that these little bugs are much more than a simple annoyance, though. Ticks and other parasites can carry a number of diseases that can be passed on to animals -- of the two or four legged variety -- just through a bite. Read on to learn more about the importance of pet tick prevention in Chattanooga, TN, specifically.


Tennessee Ticks

Did you know that there are as many as 15 varieties of ticks that call Tennessee home? They all look a bit different from one another, and they often have different preferred hosts. What does this mean for you? There are a few of these pests that will be attracted to your pet, hitching a ride into your home on the canine express. The American Dog Tick is common throughout most of the year, and as the name implies it’s regularly found on dogs. They carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and they’ll bite people as well as pups. The Brown Dog Tick is another one to worry about with pets, and they love the warmth here in the South, highlighting the importance of pet tick prevention here in Chattanooga specifically. The Lone Star Tick is the other one you’re most likely to run across, and it will also attach itself to a person.


Dangers of Ticks

Like we mentioned above, the biggest danger with ticks is that they can pass along diseases to their human or dog hosts. Lyme disease is probably the most well-known one these days, with symptoms that include a rash, headaches and overwhelming tiredness. Confirmed cases have been on the rise in Tennessee in the past few years, too. Rocky Mountain spotted fever is another one that’ll cause fevers and headaches.


What to Do About Them

The good news is that we no longer have to suffer with ticks and the diseases they spread. With appropriate preventative medications for your pets and a little bit of caution when you spend time outdoors, you can keep you and your family safe. Avoid brushing up against tall grass or plants when you’re out hiking, camping or even in your own backyard, and do a tick check if you think you may have come into contact with them. There are a number of medications that your pet can take to prevent them from carrying these parasites into the house, too.


If you have any questions about getting your pet the tick prevention they need to keep everyone healthy and happy, feel free to reach out to us at easyvet Chattanooga.


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