Pain Relief For Dogs In Hendersonville

Getting Effective Pain Relief For Dogs In Hendersonville

No one wants to see their beloved canine companion in pain. Whether your dog is suffering due to an age-related ailment like arthritis, an injury, or an illness, you want to do whatever you can to make him feel better. Unfortunately, providing pain relief isn’t always straightforward. When you aren’t feeling well, you can pop an ibuprofen or use a topical cream. When your four-legged best friend is hurting, though, you can’t just use the same remedies you would use on yourself (in fact, many over the counter pain medications for humans are toxic to pets). Some veterinarians will immediately suggest invasive surgeries or expensive pills. Keep reading to learn more about the options for getting dogs proper pain relief here in Hendersonville.

Pain Relief For Dogs In Hendersonville

Knowing When Your Dog Is Hurting

Dogs can be great at hiding that they are in pain. While some breeds will let you know by whining or yipping, most do their best to hide their distress. As a pet parent, there are a few signs to watch out for that could indicate that your dog is hurting. These signs include changes in energy levels or breathing, withdrawing socially, loss of appetite, and overgrooming specific areas of the body. Dogs that are in pain may also exhibit sudden changes in mobility, such as refusing to jump up on the couch or climb stairs. They may also whine, growl, or bark when picked up.


Safe & Effective Pain Relief for Dogs in Hendersonville

When it comes to treating your pet’s pain, a trip to the vet’s office is a must. The veterinarian can assess your dog’s overall condition and determine the underlying cause of his discomfort. While some things – like serious wounds – are obvious, other causes of pain are hard to detect. Your dog could be suffering from an ear infection, periodontal disease, kidney stones, arthritis, or even cancer.


Based on the vet’s findings, your dog may be prescribed medications and lifestyle changes to ease his pain. If arthritis is to blame, for example, they may recommend putting your dog on a diet to help take some weight off of his aching joints, or prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to reduce pain and swelling. Together as a team, you can make sure your pet is living their happiest, healthiest life.


If you have any questions about options for tackling your dog’s pain relief here in Hendersonville, feel free to drop by the clinic.


Pain Relief For Dogs In Hendersonville

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