Choosing Your Next Veterinarian in Murfreesboro

Your relationship with your veterinarian is often as important as the one with your own doctor. It can take quite a bit of trust that someone only has your pet’s best interest at heart (instead of their own bottom line). That’s why it can be stressful and a little anxiety-inducing to find that your current trusted vet is closing up shop, leaving their practice, or even just not in your budget any longer. Choosing your next veterinarian in Murfreesboro may take a little bit of time to do well, but it’s worth it to take your time and do the necessary research.



Figure Out What You Really Need

It’s easy to be drawn in by promises of every piece of equipment and service under the sun in a veterinary clinic. But will your pet ever really need the laser surgical tools or the digital x-rays? And if they do, are you really willing to pay a premium for every visit leading up to that? Many pet owners can’t afford to take their pet in for regular wellness care due to ever-rising costs of a simple office visit. With a more basic clinic, you can actually afford to get your pet preventative exams -- saving you money in the long run. A great example of this is the cost of treating a life-threatening illness vs. the price of getting your pet vaccinated.


Know Your Limitations

Are you a busy parent? Maybe a college student? Do you work unpredictable hours? It can be frustrating to have to repeatedly make and cancel appointments with the vet due to a constantly changing schedule. A walk-in clinic means that you have access to a veterinarian here in Murfreesboro at any time, no appointment required. Plus, these models can usually save even more on operating costs, meaning more savings for you. Affordable veterinary care doesn’t have to come at the cost of your pet’s health.


If you have any questions about finding a veterinarian in Murfreesboro, please feel free to reach out to us at any time here at easyvet.


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