Cat Vaccine Clinic Chattanooga

Cat Vaccine Clinic Chattanooga

As a pet parent, making sure your feline friend is up-to-date on her vaccines is extremely important. Vaccines prevent potentially life-threatening diseases like rabies and feline leukemia, and they are an essential part of ensuring your cat’s long-term health. Some, like the one for rabies, are also required by law.

Cats don’t really have nine lives. Instead, we are responsible for doing what we can to help ensure that the one life they get is a long and healthy one. If you are in need of a cat vaccine clinic in Chattanooga, we can help. At easyvetclinic, we make vaccinations easy and affordable with our walk-in clinic, no appointments needed!


Recommended Cat Vaccines

Kittens should start their vaccinations when they are six to eight weeks old in a series that takes until they are about 16 weeks old to complete. This schedule is also recommended for older cats with unknown histories. Once they’ve completed the series, they need boosters either annually or every three years, depending on how long the vaccine is formulated to last. Generally, cats are vaccinated against rabies, panleukopenia, calicivirus, and rhinotracheitis at a minimum. Depending on how often your feline friend is outdoors or interacts with other cats, other shots may be required. The vet may recommend vaccinating your cat against things like feline leukemia depending on lifestyle factors.


Many pet parents mistakenly believe that indoor cats don’t need shots. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Even if your cat never goes outside, she could be exposed to airborne germs entering through an open window or door, or those tracked inside on your shoes. They may also be exposed to diseases carried by mice or other rodents inside your home. Vaccines will also protect your cat if she ever escapes your home.


Cat Vaccine Clinic in Chattanooga

When you need a cat vaccine clinic in Chattanooga, we here for you and your pet. We offer affordable vaccination services, and our walk-in clinic makes it easy to visit at a time that is convenient for you. We will help you determine which shots your cat needs and provide you with an easy-to-follow schedule for getting – and staying – up-to-date. Stop by today for the vaccines your furry friend needs to stay happy and healthy.


Cat Vaccine Clinic Chattanooga



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