5 Facts About Fleas in Hendersonville

Have you ever had the misfortune of battling a full-on flea infestation in your home? Though they’re small, the damage they can do to your health and happiness is quite large. Instead of living in fear of these little blood suckers, there are some great facts and tips out there to help prevent fleas in Hendersonville.

Fleas Love the Heat

Now, we’re not saying that these bugs are impervious to very high temperatures, but in general fleas love warmer weather. You can see how the mild winters of Tennessee are just perfect for them, too. Unfortunately, this means that fleas are often a year-round problem here in Hendersonville, and did we forget to add that they love the humidity here too? Like we mentioned, though, there’s an upper limit to this. Very high heat (like a dryer set to the hottest setting) can often rid your bedding of fleas.


Hitching a Ride

So, how does your pet actually come into contact with fleas? Mostly, fleas are carried into your yard by other mammals, like squirrels or rabbits. They’ll get transferred to your pet -- and then to your house. This is why preventing fleas on pets here in Hendersonville is so important.


Flea Larvae

The real problem in trying to rid your pet or your house of fleas is the larvae. They’re often much more difficult to get out of carpets and drapes, and you might end up with the same exact problem again in the future if you don’t get them all removed. Many people opt for a costly exterminator to be sure that they get it done right.


Health Risks

Fleas can and do transmit both diseases -- such as cat scratch fever -- as well as parasitic infections, like tapeworm. Though fleas don’t normally live on humans as hosts, they’ll definitely take a bite on some ankles, so both you and your pets are at risk.


Prevention Is Easy

The good news? Preventing fleas is easy! There are a number of medications out there that will help prevent your pet from ever becoming a flea train right into your living room. Feel free to reach out to your veterinarian to ask about how to prevent fleas here in Hendersonville.


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