easyvetclinic Leadership Team
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easyvetclinic Leadership Team

As a leader in walk-in veterinary clinics across the US, easyvet offers the full support of our experienced team. We are dedicated to the health of pets just as much as we are to the well-being of the veterinarians and veterinary care teams at each of our clinics.

Executive Leadership

Tim, CEO & Founder

Tim developed a keen sense of how the franchise relationship needs to work for everyone to succeed. That learning began early in his career with McDonald’s, he became the youngest person in their history to win an outstanding store manager award due to following the franchise system they had in place. He moved on to Royal Fork Buffet and assisted with the launch of their franchise program. Later in his career, he expanded experience with a move to Applebee’s. Then he was presented with the opportunity to move to the Invisible Fence Brand to finesse their Dealer program and went on to own two dealerships.

When Tim started easyvetclinic, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of not only owning his own businesses but creating opportunities for both pets and the people who love them. He’s proud to say that easyvet veterinarians can achieve an unprecedented work-life balance in addition to becoming financially independent and in control of their future as business owners themselves. His passion now is giving veterinarians the opportunity to practice medicine in a non-restrictive environment as they see fit. This easyvet franchise model is a profitable business model with an emphasis on helping doctors who want to own their own practice, this model provides an easy, affordable entry into clinic ownership that allows franchise owners to pass those low costs to the pets and owners they see.

Tom, Director of Business Development

From Fairbanks, Alaska to Moorhead, Minnesota to Knoxville, Tennessee, Tom has a knack for improving whichever venture he sets his sights on wherever he goes. In addition to numerous sales and achievement awards, Tom is active in his community and church. He has served as a firefighter and on the Board of Directors for Moorhead Youth Hockey, offering his many talents to the communities he loves. His dedication to easyvet has allowed us to provide more affordable and convenient care for the pets and owners who struggle most.

Alysa, Business Development Manager

As the Operations Manager at TS Management, Alysa championed the value of strengthening relationships between service providers and clients. She has brought those principles of a culture of support and positivity to her role here at easyvet, both between the leadership team and franchisees as well as veterinarians and pet owners.

Rivers, CEO of Vet Marketing Pro and Managing Partner for easyvet Dallas

Rivers Morrell of Vet Marketing Pro has a unique passion to see veterinarians succeed wherever they are. He combines his knowledge of the veterinary field and expertise in marketing with a supportive approach for each and every easyvetclinic partnership.

Madison, Marketing and Operations Assistant

As a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee, Madison uses knowledge, energy, and passion to support both marketing efforts and assist our franchise owners in clinic operations. With her affinity for pets and knowledge of business, she is able to support the easyvet team in all endeavors.

Dr. Christian, Director of Medicine

Key Partners


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